Chiang Mai Night Safari

A relatively new attraction to Chiang Mai The Night Safari is a multi-million Baht attraction modeled on a similar project in Singapore. The Night Safari is built to simulate being out and amongst the wild animals at night. The Night safari is split into 3 areas. The first area is the Jaguar Trail which consists of a 1 km long path around the central lake. On route you will encounter more than 50 different species of animals. This area is best viewed when it is still light so it is worth while arriving at least one hour before nightfall. The further 2 areas ( the Predator Prowl and Savannah safari) are serviced by trams which begin to run at night fall. Each of these areas take about 30 minutes for the tram to complete its circuits and guided commentary is available in English. two times every night an impressive light and fountain show is put on in the central lake.

Located about 10km south west of the city of Chiang Mai. If you do not have your own transport then most tuk tuks or songtaews can be charted in Chiang Mai, although you will have to arrange the transport to either wait for you or return at a set time to collect you. There is also an tour bus which departs every evening. Most tour agents in Chiang Mai can arrange this for you.